According to CNN's Gloria Borger, President Donald Trump is trying to expedite the process to release a series of emails from when Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Trump has been criticized Friday for trying to distract the American public from his own scandal with Russia by claiming his former rival has a scandal with Russia. The Pee Wee Herman defense, claiming "I know you are but what am I?" seems to have manifested into the unearthing of a conspiracy theory that Clinton sold uranium to Russia.

Political fact checks prove that the theory is false, but the White House is still demanding an investigation, claiming it is as big as Watergate.

Borger later said that according to her sources, Trump couldn't understand why it was taking so long to release the emails. The State Department explained that there is currently a backlog of Freedom of Information Act requests. Borger's sources said that Trump instructed the department to "get it done."

See Borger's full commentary on CNN below: