Twitter trolls duped Don Jr. into believing another fake Pizzagate-type conspiracy
Donald Trump Jr. speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

A photo of a banner unveiled by white supremacists, designed to make anti-fascists look like they are pro-pedophilia, managed to go viral as the real thing after it was "liked" on Twitter by an easily fooled Donald Trump Jr.

According the Gothamist, alt-right gadfly Mike Cernovich was appearing at Columbia University on Monday night and, as protesters gathered outside, several counter demonstrators disguised as protesters briefly unveiled a banner that read,"No white supremacy -- No pedo-bashing -- No Mike Cernovich."

Writing at the Gothamist, Jake Offenhartz -- who took a picture of the banner and posted it to social media criticizing the attempt to smear the protesters -- claims he had his picture hijacked by right wingers who attempted to pass it off as an authentic desire to protect child molesters.

"Someone said 'hold this real quick' and then they proceeded to snap pics," protest organizer and Columbia social work student Mistee Denson explained to Offenhartz. "Someone quickly realized what it said and ran them off. Unfortunately, they got what they wanted."

According to Offenhartz, Cernovich and  fellow alt-right troll Jack Posobeic retweeted the picture, only to take it down when threatened with copyright infringement. However the damage was done, with InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson then turning the removal of the tweets into a scandal over Twitter protecting supposed pro-pedophilia protesters.

Watson's tweet was widely shared, over 12,000 times, and liked by 10,000 people -- including by the son of President Donald Trump who "liked" it on his Twitter account that has over 2 million followers.

Cernovich and Posobeic were at the center of a fake conspiracy that Hillary Clinton was linked to a Washington DC pizza parlor that hosted child molestation parties in its basement. That story led to one man traveling to Washington D.C., from North Carolina and firing shots inside the pizzeria before surrendering to the police.

See Don Jr's tweets below: