Washington Post rips Kelly in new editorial: He 'should think about what this does to his credibility'
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (Screen capture)

White House efforts to distract from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations reached a new low, according to a new Washington Post editorial.

"President Trump needs a distraction, and his surrogates, some Republican members of Congress, right-wing media and even some people in mainstream outlets are helping him gin up outrage against a woman who is not, was never and will never be president. It is a measure of the power of partisanship to warp people’s judgment that this bald trickery is getting any traction," the Washington Post noted of the conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.

After debunking the conspiracy theory, the Post also focused on accountability for the public servants misleading the American people to distract from criminal activity.

In particular, the Post singled out White House chief of staff John Kelly for criticism.

"Even White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, at one time considered to be among the more sober members of the administration, called Monday for an investigation into Ms. Clinton. Mr. Kelly should think about what this does to his credibility — and to the country’s," the Post explained. "The party in power is demanding the investigation and possible prosecution of its defeated political rival on trumped-up claims of wrongdoing. This is what happens in banana republics, not the world’s greatest democracy."