'We have a high school girl as president': GOP strategist ridicules 'valley girl' Trump for whining on Twitter
GOP strategist Evan Siegfried on MSNBC

During an AM Joy segment on President Donald Trump's Tweets attacking Puerto Rico officials, a GOP strategist bitterly mocked the president for acting like a "valley girl," constantly whining.

While several left-leaning panelists went after Trump, conservative strategist Evan Siegfried was the most brutal.

"The president is isolated and has an overblown sense of grievance. He feels he needs to be getting credit for things he shouldn't be getting credit for because he has very few accomplishments," Siegfried began. "He is becoming isolated and congressional Republicans largely ignore him."

"He has no real legislative track record, he has only executive orders to show for what he's done and he has a further divided nation," he added as he got warmed up.

"At the same time when we look at what he was saying yesterday, it sounds like a valley girl," he remarked before adopting a teen girl's voice. "'Oh, my god, they're ingrates, why don't they appreciate me?' We have a high school girl as president of the United States essentially, who is trying to make it all about him and his ego as opposed to the fact that 5 percent of the people in Puerto Rico don't have drinkable water. Ninety percent don't have cell service and only 5 percent have electric power"

"The optics are bad and deservedly so, but it's now all about how people don't appreciate the very great things that are going on there," he concluded in disgust.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: