'What planet are we on?': Jeffrey Toobin explodes at Trump's 'condolence call' becoming controversial
Jeffrey Toobin (Photo: Screen capture)

As CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin pointed out on Thursday, the fact that President Donald Trump's call to a grieving military widow is a multiple-day news topic is outrageous.

"What planet are we on?" the analyst said of reports that military widow Myeisha Johnson "broke down" over the insensitivity of Trump's comments about her husband La David, who was killed in an ISIS attack Niger earlier this month. Trump, on the other hand, claimed he was "misunderstood."

"What country has controversy over condolence calls?" Toobin implored. "It’s an example of what a surreal moment we are in."

Toobin made his comments in response to claims by CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins that it's possible there was a breakdown in communication and interpretation between the Johnson widow and the president.

Watch the entire segment below, via CNN.