Dem strategist: A Roy Moore victory would be 'catastrophic' for GOP's chances in 2018
Alabama Republican senate nominee Roy Moore at a September campaign rally (screenshot)

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis said on Saturday that his party stands to benefit either way in Alabama's special election between ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore and Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

If Moore loses, Kofinis said, the seat goes to the Democrats. If he wins, however, he becomes an albatross around the Republicans' neck that will damage their electoral fortunes in 2018.

Women in Alabama, according to polls, are starting to break for Jones, which gives him a significant advantage over Moore. A number of women have come forward to say that Moore harassed, groped or sexually assaulted them when they were teens and Moore was significantly older. Moore, his wife Kayla and the campaign have doggedly refused to admit any wrongdoing on Moore's part.

"It's hard to believe how Roy Moore wins this race," Kofinis said. "Even if you assume for a second that he does, I cannot envision a scenario in which the leadership in the Senate allow him to take his seat."

"It would be catastrophic for them for the next almost-year going into the midterms," he continued.

Women under 45 are overwhelmingly telling pollsters they plan to vote for Jones.

"I've never seen a spread this large" in a poll, said Kofinis. "I find it hard to believe that he wins, but if he does it's actually the worst case scenario for Republicans because they will be stuck with him and stuck with the decision of do they allow him to come in or do they take him out? And taking him out will create another political disaster for them."

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