'Do we talk about Vegas now?': MSNBC's Katy Tur rips talking point it's 'too soon' to talk about gun violence
Katy Tur -- MSNBC screenshot

Following an interview with a Texas lawmaker who pushed back against gun control after the horrific shooting at a church that claimed 26 lives, an exasperated Katy Tur asked, "Do we talk about Vegas now?"

Speaking with Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents Sutherland Springs, Tur repeatedly pressed the lawmaker after he said he doesn't regret voting against a bill that would deny people with mental illnesses getting a gun.  When the congressman refused to say whether the Second Amendment should be modified to deal with keeping assault rifles out of the hands of citizens, Tur ended the interview and turned to her panel.

"Let's react to that," Tur began. "Cuellar is obviously is going through a lot, his constituents are going through a lot. But when we have these tragedies, it's feeling a bit rote. Everything we do is the same. If it's a gun tragedy, we can't talk about it yet. It's too soon. So what do we do? Do we talk about Vegas now, since it's too soon to talk about what happened in Texas?"

Princeton professor Eddis Glaude was first up, saying, "It seems to me it is a ritual practice, right? That we declare our helplessness in the face of such carnage, because we really are beholden to not just the NRA but the gun manufacturers. You said no one wins. Actually someone's winning, the people who produce the gun are winning right now."

"We've seen it time and again," NBC analyst Beth Fouhy offered. "Congressman Cuellar  seems to be saying, primarily Republican politicians and people who live in rural areas, and of course, this community is one. They cherish their right  to have the a gun and will never, ever give that up. If that means the occasional or frequent mass shooting, accidental shooting of children, shooting of the elderly -- they accept that as the price for the freedom to have a gun."

"Not just them," Tur remarked. "We as Americans are accepting these shootings, are accepting of this because nothing changes. Every single one of us is responsible for these deaths that happen. And now it seems to be all the time, two in just the last month."

Republican Susan Del Perioco jumped in to add that Americans know there is a problem, but are blocked by gun supporters.

"When we say, we know there are loopholes when it comes to gun shows, or that we're not willing to put people on a list mental health issues, we're not willing to take that step when it comes to guns," she stated. "That's the biggest problem and it comes down to politics because it's not so much like you said, an anti-second amendment group, but the people who do support the second amendment."

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