Ex-Watergate prosecutor: 'Maybe the North Koreans are right that Trump is a lunatic'
Former prosecutor from the Watergate scandal Nick Akerman on MSNBC (Screen capture)

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said on Sunday that there are a number of possible explanations for President Donald Trump's bizarre attack in which he smeared top U.S. intelligence officials as "political hacks," and none of them are good.

In taking Russian President Vladimir Putin's word about 2016 election meddling over that of the intelligence community, Akerman said, Trump is showing that in some way he is compromised. Furthermore, Trump has shown himself willing to attack any and every person who questions or challenges him -- except for Putin.

"You've got to ask why," Akerman said. "One: Is it that the North Koreans are right that the guy is a lunatic? Two: Is he in business with Putin? Three: Did the Keith Schiller testimony -- revealing that in fact, Trump had been offered five women back in 2013 in Russia -- do they have him blackmailed?"

"All of these are valid questions at this point for investigators," he concluded.

Watch the video, embedded below: