Internet destroys Breitbart for describing Roy Moore's advances on underage girls as 'being romantic'
Judge Roy Moore (image via screengrab).

Before the Washington Post broke a story alleging that Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore sought relationships with underage girls -- one as young as 14 -- Breitbart ran their own story in defense of the judge.

Citing a woman who said she dated Moore when she was 17 and he 34, Breitbart wrote that Moore was "being romantic" during their relationship, which the woman claims never went beyond kissing. It also cites multiple other teenaged women Moore reportedly dated while in his 30s.

Twitter reacted in disgust to Breitbart's story, which they accused to being published before the Post to "run interference" for the Alabama Republican.

"Breitbart has a pretty good history of supporting people who think it's cool to f*ck kids," one user wrote. "Milo [Yiannapoulos, whom they fired for similar allegations], Roy Moore, etc."

"The same people who blindly believed in Pizzagate are the same ones who are screaming fake news about Roy Moore," another user tweeted.

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