‘It’s foolish to taunt the tiger’: CNN legal analyst gobsmacked by Don Jr heckling Mueller on social media
CNN legal Paul Callan -- screenshot

During a panel discussion on the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, a CNN legal analyst said Donald Trump Jr. was not helping his case in any way, shape or form by posting “come at me!” at special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators.

Earlier in the week, Trump Jr. took to Instagram to write "More nothing burgers from the media and others desperately trying to create a false narrative. Keep coming at me guys!!!” which CNN analyst Paul Callan compared to "going to the zoo with a steak in your hand."

"Hopefully he's talking to us and not to the feds, because that would be, by definition, crazy talk," New Day host Chris Cuomo began after reading the president's son's comments on-air.

"It is absolutely crazy, Callan agreed. "It's like going to the zoo with a steak in your hand and walking into the tiger's cage. He's saying, 'come on, bring it on, feds.' It is the Twitter philosophy of criminal defense which is: insult the prosecutor and maybe you will scare him into backing off."

"That doesn't work with a special prosecutor, they are seasoned professionals," Callan explained. "All he is doing is making his own situation worse. I have never seen somebody frankly do this in a serious criminal case, to say: 'bring it on, boys.' With the feds there are so many offenses that somebody can be charged with that the feds can bring up. Any federal form you ever filled out inaccurately is a potential federal crime, any inaccuracy is a crime. It is foolish to taunt the tiger as Don Jr. does."

Watch the video below via CNN: