Joy Reid blisters Fox's Pirro and Bartiromo for defending accused sex abusers Roy Moore and Trump
MSNBC host Joy Reid -- screenshot

During a panel discussion on how conservative media outlet Fox News is handling allegations that U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually abused a teenager when he was in his thirties, MSNBC host Joy Reid singled out the network's female hosts for dismissing the victims to play to their audience.

Addressing the sexual assault accusations against Moore and President Donald Trump, Reid suggested that conservative media outlets are unsure of how to handle the news.

"You have Fox News, on-air commentators saying there are no charges against Roy Moore, fulminating against the accusers," Reid began. "I think their default is they want to defend him but I feel like right-wing media isn't sure. I haven't seen what Sinclair News is doing, whether they're defending Moore, but it is a moment of confusion for the right because defending Roy Moore is what the base seems to want them to do. He's accused of something so heinous, that how do you defend them?"

"You can't defend or be against Roy Moore and not address Donald Trump," writer Anushay Hossain contributed. "And if the deal becomes the party of Trump and Moore, they probably will be ignoring all of this. But the fact of the matter is is that their president and Roy Moore are both -- there's a pattern here! How long can they ignore that pattern?"

"You know what I thought was also shocking -- Maria Bartiromo," Hossain added. "That there are no allegations against Trump? How does it get to the point, and I hate it when we use the term falsehood, but that is a lie. It's a lie. What country are we living in that are we supposed to eat this up and say it's okay?"

"You had [Fox hosts] Jeanine Pirro, Maria Bartiromo, even the women over at Fox News in this position of, the better thing for the base and people watching, is for them to defend the Donald Trump's and the Roy Moore's of the world," Reid remarked.

"I think Maria Bartiromo blocked Gretchen Carlson on Twitter this week," Reid added, noting that the Fox host shut down multiple news personalities on social media Saturday afternoon for being critical of her Trump claim.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: