MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle hilariously annihilates Roy Moore attorney’s ‘blatant, straight-up racism’
Stephanie Ruhle (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle reacted to a bizarre appearance by Roy Moore's attorney -- who insulted her co-host Ali Velshi while trying to defend his client from sex abuse allegations.

Ruhle appeared Thursday on "Morning Joe," which airs just before her own program, to discuss attorney Trenton Garmon's remarks the day before.

Garmon suggested that Velshi, a Muslim who grew up in Canada, had a "diverse background" that should help him understand why Moore would ask parents for permission to pursue a relationship with their teenage daughters.

"It was stunning," Ruhle said. "We were sitting there -- we couldn't even believe it was happening, and the people who you have to feel the worst for here, (isn't) my partner Ali Velshi, it's the good people of Alabama. When you have Roy Moore and the attorney representing him not even throwing out a dog whistle, but straight-up, blatant racism, it's playing into every awful stereotype."

"Imagine if I signed off to that guy and said, 'Enjoy kissing your sister and taking your cousin to the prom, honky tonk' -- that's awful," she added.

Host Mika Brzezinski said the attorney's remarks should be enough to disqualify Moore from the U.S. Senate, and Ruhle said voters should consider his statements along with the mounting allegations against the Republican candidate.

"Here's the good thing, whether it's disqualifiable or not, it's shining a light, it's exposing it," Ruhle said. "So maybe the people of Alabama have been complacent or they've been quiet, but maybe this will give them an opportunity to say we're going to stand up, because this isn't who we are, it's not who our children are, it's not what we want the future to be. Because a statement like that, Ali, he read his background, he read his bio, maybe he looked at his brown skin -- that is stunning. It's offensive. Frankly, Mika, it's flat-out stupid."