'That was part of life': Elderly Alabama voters say Roy Moore's teen molestation used to be considered normal
Two Alabama voters discuss the Roy Moore scandal with Vice News (Screen cap).

As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to plague Roy Moore's Senate candidacy, Vice News reporter Alexandra Jaffe went to Alabama to talk with two elderly voters who each said that it used to be incredibly common to see older men make sexual advances on underage teenage girls.

"We just didn't hear about it," Alabama native Marjorie Reese told Jaffe of older men pursuing teenagers. "I do think it happened.

"The things that happened to women back then, they didn't tell it because they wouldn't have been believed," explained Margaret Tudor, an Alabama native who is backing Democrat Doug Jones in the upcoming election. "And it's so hard to come out and tell something like that."

Reese then recalled that there was widespread harassment of teenagers back when she went to high school.

"Mean teachers touched us, maybe inappropriately, but we just didn't say anything," she said. "That was part of life... The women, you know, the underdog, we always had to do what the men said."

But unlike Tudor, Reese tells Jaffe that she still plans to vote for Roy Moore because nothing definitive against him has been proven.

Watch the video below.