'Bad Lip Reading' produces hilarious Trump Christmas message -- and it features Melania begging for help
A screenshot of President Donald Trump from Bad Lip Reading's "Christmas is Here."

Christmas may have been two days ago, but the folks at Bad Lip Reading know that the holiday season lives on. To celebrate President Donald Trump making it safe to say "Merry Christmas" again, they created a carol just for him.

From First Lady Melania Trump's flat effect (and potential for being a kidnapping victim) to the president's love for junk food, the song is a whimsical take on the otherwise dark first year of Trump's presidency.

The video covers many of the more bizarre moments of 2017, too -- Trump staring at the sun with naked eyes during the solar eclipse, dancing with Saudis and, of course, his even-scarier robot doppelgänger.

"I am the most big league guy I know," Trump "sings" in the video. For once, it's hard to argue.

Watch below: