Billy Graham's granddaughter smacks down modern evangelicals for 'hypocritical' Trump support
Rev. Billy Graham's granddaughter, Jerushah Armfield, speaking to CNN. Image via screengrab.

Rev. Billy Graham's granddaughter on Tuesday slammed evangelicals for their hypocrisy when it comes to the "personal morals" of candidates like Alabama's Roy Moore -- and President Donald Trump.

The term evangelical "started to really represent, actually, a branch of Christians that seemed to be a little more conservative and a little bit more hypocritical, a little bit more willing to compromise on the personal morals of a candidate in lieu of what politically they could gain for their party," Jerushah Armfield, Graham's granddaughter, told CNN's Pamela Brown. 

When Brown asked Armfield about her uncle Franklin Graham's recent tweet heaping praise on Trump, the evangelist's granddaughter and wife of a pastor in South Carolina said she thinks he was referencing the president "wanting to bring back Merry Christmas." She also suggested that the "War on Christmas" that Trump (according to right-wing news outlets) has "won," is a non-issue.

"I haven't seen 'Merry Christmas' really be attacked," Armfield said. "I've been told 'Merry Christmas' by all sorts of walks of lives and all sorts of cultures just this year."

"I think my uncle is an incredible -- he has an incredible humanitarian ministry that's been on the front lines off often before a lot of ministries have been there," she continued. "I think he probably needs to stick to doing that. I think he believes he's speaking to a larger audience than he is. I think the audience he was once speaking to is starting to migrate to a little more progressive open mindedness."

Trump "has not shown" himself to be a Christian, Armfield said, and has exhibited qualities that are the opposite of Christlike.

"My Jesus that I follow was really somebody who fought for the outliers," she concluded, "and I think that Trump has actually done the opposite in kind of ostracizing them."

Watch Billy Graham's granddaughter call out her uncle and fellow Christian supporters of Trump below, via CNN.