Former Bush ethics chief: John Dowd should be disbarred if he did write 'incriminating' Flynn tweet
President Trump's personal attorney John Dowd and former Bush ethics czar Richard Painter (Composite image)

The controversy continues to rage over whether or not President Donald Trump wrote a damning tweet on Saturday in which someone claiming to be the president said he had to fire Mike Flynn because he lied to the FBI, but that everything Flynn did during the transition was "lawful."

When legal experts and administration critics alike reacted in horror and incredulity that the president would so clearly admit to obstruction of justice, the White House announced that Trump hadn't written the tweet, but instead it was posted by Trump's personal attorney John Dowd. This explanation has been met with considerable skepticism.

Richard Painter -- a frequent and vocal critic of the Trump administration -- said that if Dowd did in fact write a tweet implicating his client, then he should lose his license to practice law.

"A lawyer who writes a Tweet like that incriminating a client should be disbarred. He can tell Mueller he wrote it," Painter tweeted, according to The Hill.

Painter also retweeted a post by former U.S. Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub, who challenged Dowd to say under oath that he wrote that tweet.

"I dare you to tell Mueller you logged into POTUS’s Twitter account and wrote “pled” and the rest of that, John Dowd. I dare you," Shaub said.