Former US Attorney warns Jared Kushner's lies may have placed him squarely in Mueller's crosshairs
Katy Tur and Joyce White Vance (Photo: Screen capture)

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance warned White House senior aide Jared Kushner that the investigation is likely coming for him next.

In an interview with MSNBC Katy Tur, the Alabama prosecutor explained that form the outside the special investigation into the Russia scandal looks like it's slow moving. But to those seasoned legal experts and former prosecutors, special counsel Bob Mueller is scoring indictment after indictment and slowly climbing the ladder.

"They've spent most of 2017 very quietly putting together the paper trail," she said. "Banking records, phone records, e-mails and meticulously combing through those."

According to her, prosecutors don't target individuals, instead they do a broad investigation into information available.

"So, this isn't a situation where Mueller is talking with his team in the morning, saying, let's look at Jared Kushner today," she said. "Instead, what they're doing is investigating activity. Whether that's communication between the campaign and Russia during the election, or potential activity that looks like it may be Russia recruiting United States persons as agents, and they'll investigate that situation."

She explained that the investigators will make their determinations based on whether the evidence proves criminal acts occured. Then and only then will indictments roll out.

"It's a lot of sausage-making on the inside," she said. "It's painstaking and often tedious at this stage of the case."

When it came to Kushner specifically, Vance said that Mueller's team has made it clear that they take lying to the FBI or concealing the truth from investigators very seriously.

"Anyone who's in the line of fire either because they made false statements to investigators or because they made misstatements on forms or because they lied or concealed the truth in other forms, those are probably the group of people who are most at risk in the next wave of this investigation" she said. "Certainly Jared Kushner has that bull's-eye on his back."

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