MSNBC's Donny Deutsch shares 'stunning' story about Secret Service doing 'audience warmup' for Trump
President Donald Trump greets guests at Bedminster (Josh Mueller/Instagram)

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch shared a "frightening" anecdote about President Donald Trump's fragile ego, and the lengths government employees take to shield him from upsetting news.

Panelists on "Morning Joe" were discussing a recent Washington Post report on the White House, where aides say the president goes "off the rails" if they present information on Russian election interference -- so they hide the upsetting findings from Trump by writing them down in the briefing summary.

"I'll say that Donald Trump has finally become president when his staff stops treating him like he's a child," host Joe Scarborough said. "(Sen.) Bob Corker (R-TN) talked about adult day care, that it seems, there have you the top Republican in foreign affairs saying the White House, it seems, at times reverts to being nothing more than an adult day care center. You see it in the staff briefings, you see it in the press room, where you have people going out before microphones that are afraid to tell the truth because they know they'll upset their boss."

Deutsch, who has known Trump for years, shared a story from a friend who recently visited a golf course operated by the president's family-owned company.

"I heard an anecdote that was both stunning and frightening, and kind of funny," Deutsch said. "A friend of mine was at Bedminster recently and Trump happened to be there that day, and Trump was working the room. A Secret Service guy came over to my friend, and says, 'When you speak to the president, be positive.'"

"Audience warmup for the president, that's what the Secret Service is doing now," he added. "The entire being of the presidential circle is act managing his imbalance versus making decisions based on what's going on. That's kind of frightening."