WATCH: Corey Lewandowski stuns 'The View' with over the top rant about 'killer' Trump
Corey Lewandowski appears on "The View" (Photo: Screen capture)

During a strange interview with the women of "The View" Tuesday, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski touted President Donald Trump's compassion. However, when faced with questions about the way Trump is described screaming at staff in Lewandowski's book, he explained he "wants a killer as president."

"He's tough! He's a killer! I want a killer as president!" Lewandowski screamed, while co-host Sunny Hostin sat motionless.

"You do?" Joy Behar asked.

"Absolutely! I want to make sure that we are the toughest, greatest in the world and that we are safe," he replied, making the claim that tough equals great.

"The greatest! With the most muscle!" Behar exclaimed, mocking him.

Lewandowski said that the only reason Trump was hard on him was because "I failed." He called Trump "a man who has achieved such amazing success in his life. Real estate, books, television, politics." He went on to say that Trump "deserves perfection."

Behar mentioned Trump University, which was forced to close and refund many of the "students" after it was proven they were misled by advertising.

Hostin asked if Trump could achieve the same motivation without screaming and yelling, as Lewandowski described in his book. However, Lewandowski claimed it made him want to be perfect.

"In many times I failed him and many times I wanted to do better. But I'm grateful for the opportunity," he said.

Hostin read the quote from Trump's announcement speech in which he claimed "Mexicans" are "rapists." She read an excerpt from Lewandowski's book, claiming that Trump is as far from a racist as you can get. "So, please, Corey, explain that to me?"

Lewandowski never did, rather he just repeated that Trump is not a racist nor a misogynist. The audience began to laugh but Lewandowski persisted, saying Trump "doesn't care if you're green, blue, or female." He claimed that viewers should believe him and pivoted to talk about the acquittal of Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who accidentally shot Kate Steinle with a gun he found wrapped in a cloth in the garbage.

"OK, anecdotal evidence is not policy and it's not what we're talking about," Behar replied. "That is anecdotal, that is one incident, policy is not based on an anecdote, Corey."

Watch the video below: