Bannon says Mueller will use Jared Kushner's 'greasy' money laundering deals to 'f*ck Trump': report
Jared Kushner holds a news conference on government efficiency (Screen cap).

In addition to slamming Donald Trump Jr. for having a "treasonous" meeting with Russian officials in 2016, former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon also reportedly believes that special counsel Robert Mueller will use alleged criminal activities by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to get to the president.

In an excerpt of journalist Michael Wolff's new book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" published by the Guardian, Bannon says that Mueller's probe will get to Trump by going after money laundering operations that purportedly run rampant at Trump properties around the world.

"This is all about money laundering," Bannon reportedly said, according to The Guardian. "Mueller chose [senior prosecutor Andrew] Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to f*cking Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr and Jared Kushner... It’s as plain as a hair on your face."

Bannon went on to say that Kushner's activities would prove to be particularly problematic for the Trump White House.

"It goes through Deutsche Bank and all the Kushner sh*t," he said. "The Kushner sh*t is greasy. They’re going to go right through that. They’re going to roll those two guys up and say play me or trade me."