President Donald Trump's lawyer backtracked on Thursday that he would be speaking under oath with special council Robert Mueller and his team. The president has promised several times on video and audio recordings that he would be more than willing to speak with Mueller and his team. Although, Trump also said multiple times that he'd releases his taxes.

"Are you going to talk to Mueller?" a reporter asked Trump Wednesday evening.

"I'm looking forward to itm, actually," Trump said.

"You want to?" the reporter asked.

"There has been no collusion whatsoever," was Trump's response. "There's been no obstruction whatsoever, and i'm looking forward to it."

Less than 24 hours later, however, Trump's lawyer's were the ones to swoop in and be the bad guy while Trump claims innocence.

"Over my dead body," conservative former federal prosecutor Patrick Cotter said. "I would never let any client of mine interviewed if they are target the investigation. it makes no sense. and a whole parade of possibilities that happen when you allow your client interviewed by the government.

CNN reporter Gloria Borger said it was a perfect example of Trump playing "good cop and letting the lawyers be the bad cop." However, she noted that Mueller's team can always subpoena Trump if he refuses to cooperate. It would turn a game of chicken into the chickens heading to the pen.

"Yesterday, when the president said this, it seemed sort of a smart thing to do," host Erin Burnet said. "You come out and say 'I have nothing to hide, I'm eager to do that,' you'll get credit from that from your base and plenty of other people. Then someone else over rules you. In fact, it sounds very similar to another promise the president made to release his tax returns."

It was revealed Thursday, that Trump sought to fire Mueller last June, but that White House council Don McGahn said he would quit.

In a 30-second supercut, CNN brought back all of the broken promises Trump made. Check it out below: