Company loses $800,000 in city contracts after workers came to site with KKK sticker and guns
KKK and Confederate stickers on a cooler owned by an American Sewer Services employee (left) and employees brandishing weapons on a work site (right). Images via Twitter.

After a Milwaukee city contractor's employees were outed with guns and white supremacist iconography on work sites, the company is slated to lose upwards of $1 million.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, American Sewer Services was denied two contracts worth $800,000 after the Milwaukee Common Council passed a resolution against them. They are also prohibited from re-bidding on either contract.

In December, controversy roiled after a photo of a Ku Klux Klan sticker on an American Sewer Services employees' cooler went viral. In addition to the bigoted sticker, a photo of the company's employees holding guns on a work site also circulated, compounding the backlash against the company.