'Did you hear this?': April Ryan detonates over Trump surrogate's racist immigration language
Former Trump aide Stephen Moore and White House correspondent April Ryan (Screen capture)

White House reporter and American Urban Radio Networks Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan went off on Republican Stephen Moore on Saturday over Moore's repeated use of racially loaded language on the question of immigration.

“I would love to see an agreement that legalizes some of these folks, that provides a more skill based system so that we get the immigrants we need,” said Moore, according to Mediaite.com.

"See? Did you hear this?" Ryan asked. "'The immigrants we need'...Trump is demonizing immigrants."

“You have more white Americans on welfare than you have any other group," she said. "Your arguments have holes in them, I am so sorry -- and they are very, I can’t, biased.”

On Friday night, Ryan took former Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston to task for the mental gymnastics he performs to justify President Donald Trump's racist.

"Jack, you have to stop this," she said.

Watch the video, embedded below: