'Die -- Orlando like Vegas': FBI investigating racist banners threatening massacre at Tuesday Jackson Browne concert
Church banner -- screenshot

The FBI has taken over an investigation of banners that were hung at a Indiana church that threatens another Vegas-like attack on what they believe will be a Jackson Browne concert on Tuesday.

According to WLFI, the banners were discovered early Sunday morning hanging from the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette.

One banner read, "Die f*cker. Orlando just like Vegas," as well as the date "Janury [sic] 23"  with the other covered in racial expletives and the popular singer's name.

Police have confirmed that Browne is performing in Orlando on Tuesday at the Walt Disney Theater, raising concerns over an attack modeled on the Las Vegas strip attack on October f1 that left 58 people dead and 851 injured.

WLPD spokesperson Lt. Jonathan Eager said police are taking the threat seriously and have contacted law enforcement officials in Orlando, as well as the FBI.

The banners were hung just one day after the church hosted a "Resistance Fair," tied to the Women's March movement protests, and featured a voter registration drive.

Police officials added a statement reading: “These hateful racist banners have no place in our community and the West Lafayette Police Department is investigating this as a crime of harassment and felony intimidation.”

Watch video below via WTHR: