Free association game produces hilarious results when Sean Spicer is asked about Omarosa
Omarosa and Sean Spicer (Photo: Screen captures)

In a hilarious word association game with S.E. Cupp, former press secretary Sean Spicer was asked to give a one-word description from a list of people

The first was Omarosa Manigault-Newman. "Person," was all he would answer. Cupp rolled her eyes, but all Spicer could do is grin.

Omarosa wasn't the only person to which Spicer refused to give an actual answer.

When asked about Melissa McCarthy, who played Spicer during "Saturday Night Live" skits that reportedly bothered President Donald Trump, all Spicer could say was "she took Miami."

He described Kellyanne Conway as a “strategist,” while saying Anthony Scaramucci was “interesting.”

Watch below: