Watch Sean Spicer try to wiggle his way out of admitting he lied to the public for Donald Trump
SE Cupp and Sean Spicer (Photo: Screen capture)

In an interview with Headline News (HLN) host S.E. Cupp, former press secretary Sean Spicer tried to defend his credibility, despite spending months lying from the White House podium.

Cupp grilled Spicer during a Thursday interview, starting with his strive to retain his respectability on the national political stage.

"Did you lie on behalf of the president?" was Cupp's first question. Spicer maintained that he didn't. When he was specifically asked about the claim that no person has ever has the audience President Donald Trump's inauguration had in history, Spicer pivoted back to the internet. What Spicer said, showing photos of the inauguration, was that it was the largest inauguration crowd in history. It was only later that he began to talk about the internet audience, unavailable in 2008 when Obama was inaugurated.

"We didn't emphasize those points enough," Spicer claimed. He said that he searched for information and couldn't find any that were larger online audiences.

"Trump didn't have the most electoral college votes for a president since Reagan either, you have Google," Cupp said next.

"Did I say that?" Spicer asked. Cupp confirmed it. Spicer tried to claim that it was correct in "context." The raw numbers are that Trump had 306 electoral votes. President Ronald Reagan had 525 and George W. Bush had 426 votes.

Spicer ultimately claimed that his job is not to stand at the podium and report what is happening but to speak on behalf of the president. So, when Trump wanted him to say something, he said it.

Watch Cupp hammer him below:

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