‘I’m going to put you on pause’: Joy Reid cuts off GOPer for suggesting Clinton Foundation murders Haitians
Joy Reid, Anushay Hossain, Jennifer Rubin, Stephanie Hamill -- screenshot

For the second day in a row, Joy Reid pulled the plug on a conservative guest ranting about President Donald Trump's racist immigration comments, with the MSNBC host cautioning her Sunday guest, "This is not Fox News."

During a panel discussion on Trump's comments about Haiti and African nations being "sh*tholes," the AMJoy host turned first to conservative commentator Stephanie Hamill.

"Stephanie, I will start with you. when you heard what Donald Trump said about Haiti, about the African countries, really talking about El Salvador and any other countries that are nonwhite, how did you feel when you heard those comments?" Reid asked.

"Joy, we didn't actually hear him say those words," Hamill began only to have Reid clarify, "When you read them."

"When I read them, yeah, and this is the biggest fake news story of the week," Hamill replied. "It's interesting to sit back and watch people are so angry about what that the president didn't say, and they are more angry than they are at the Clinton's for getting rich off the poor Haitians with the Clinton Foundation."

As the panel expressed shock at Hamill bringing up the Clinton's, Hamill pressed on.

"You can ask Klaus Eberwein, the former Haitian government official that has all the dirt on the Clinton Foundation-- oh, wait, you can't ask him because he mysteriously committed suicide the day he was supposed to testify," Hamill blurted

"What are you talking about?" asked conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. "This is nuts."

"Did you get talking points before you came here from the RNC or the White House?" host Reid cut in. "It's interesting that yesterday Mark Burns, who was the surrogate we had on on the Trump side yesterday, tried to roll out the same Clinton stuff? Did you get talking points before you came here?"

"Joy, I didn't get talking points," Hamill shot back, attempting to get back to her story.

Host Reid then cut her off with a warning.

"I don't know you, Stephanie, but let me explain this to you: this is not Fox News and we are not going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in answers to my questions and take us off track," Reid lectured. "So I am going to put you pause for the minute, I'm going to put you to the side because they are more familiar with the way that we do things here."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: