LISTEN: Hannity throws a tantrum about 'sheep in the echo chamber' after Mueller bombshell blows up in his face
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

On his radio show, Fox News host Sean Hannity admitted to calling one of President Donald Trump's White House attorneys to get confirmation of a New York Times report about the president attempting to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last June.

"I called my sources at the White House, I called an attorney for the president," Hannity said. "Ty Cobb said he wasn't going to comment."

The host went on to say that he is "not going to ever ever ever use the New York Times as my source."

"I am never also going to be led astray by the means, mainstream media," he continued, before going off on a rambling rant that suggested he doesn't believe reports that the FBI "secret society" text, sent between controversial agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, are really a joke.

The Mueller-firing bombshell, Hannity said, meant media "didn't have the talk about the [so-called 'DOJ abuses'] memo that it looks like is going to be released the day after the State of the Union next week." 

"They didn't have to talk about at all whether or not, you know, the latest about Trump-Strzok and their text back and forth," he said, appearing to confuse agent Page with the president.

"Last night when I came on the air, we have new information new text messages, they didn't have to cover any of that because they were too busy, you know, basically being the sheep in their echo chamber, and they talk to each other," he said.

Hannity's timeline checks out — he switched positions on the Mueller report, which he initially called "fake," on air last night after Fox News confirmed it.

The exchange was originally flagged by The Hollywood Reporter's Jeremy Barr on Twitter.

Hannity's admission comes just two days after InfoWars' Alex Jones claimed he's repeatedly missed phone calls from Trump, who allegedly calls him during his "executive time" early in the morning while the host is still asleep.

You can listen to the entire rant below: