Ousted McCabe could be a much bigger problem for Trump outside of the FBI: columnist
Andrew McCabe (Screen capure)

In a look at the dismissal of now-former Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, Callum Borchers of the Washington Post warns that President Donald Trump may have created bigger problems for himself with the possibility that the ousted official is now free to speak his mind.

Noting that another fired FBI official, ex-Director James Comey, has become a thorn in the side of the president,  McCabe can now take a page from Comey's playbook and go after the president with well-placed leaks to the media.

Writing, "Remember that Trump made McCabe the FBI's interim director after firing Comey," Borchers points out that McCabe ran the bureau for a few months before the appointment of current FBI Director Christopher A. Wray. That means  he has first-hand knowledge of where the investigation into the White House was  and is still going.

With McCabe still in the FBI, he would still be under the direct supervision of Wray, limiting his role in the investigation and restricting his ability to speak out.

Now that McCabe is a private citizen, he can go where his conscience takes him -- particularly in light of the way that Trump treated him all the way out the door.

"When Trump cut Comey loose in May, Comey promptly orchestrated the leak of his personal notes from a February meeting with the president," Borchers writes. "According to the notes, described in a New York Times report, Trump expressed to Comey his desire for the FBI to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn."

McCabe is now in the same position as Comey, and it is likely he didn't walk away empty-handed. With Republicans seek to damage the bureau he spent years serving, by releasing a sketchy memo attacking the agency,  it is likely can fire back now that he has been forced out.

You can read the whole piece here.