Pro-Trump fringe media figures are mocking Oprah's childhood sexual assault
Oprah Winfrey (left, via Creative Commons) and InfoWars host Alex Jones (right, via screengrab).

InfoWars Alex Jones and former VICE co-founder and "Proud Boys" leader Gavin McInnes have taken to smearing Oprah Winfrey for being "promiscuous" and having been raped as a child by a family member amid speculation that she may run against President Donald Trump in 2020.

As Media Matters reported, McInnes in particular claimed Winfrey has "weaponized" her childhood abuse against white men and the president.

"She gets raped by her black cousin, allegedly, and decides to pin the blame on white men and Trump," the ex-VICE founder said, "like she uses her rape as a flamethrower and just directs it at anyone she doesn’t like. If her flight is late, it was my rape.”

Referencing Winfrey's viral "you get a car!" meme, Jones responded, saying the talk show veteran would claim “you get a rape, you’re a rapist, you’re a rapist, you’re a rapist."

The comments about Winfrey's assault at age nine by her cousin followed Jones' larger smear campaign against her following her much-talked-about Golden Globes speech. During his interview with McInnes, the two repeated accusations that Winfrey is a lesbian, claimed she was "promiscuous" and a prostitute and that she assisted Harvey Weinstein in "recruiting" women for the movie mogul to assault.

Watch below, via Media Matters.