'Rest in peace, your career': Internet buries 'obsequious toady' Bannon after he begs Trump for forgiveness
Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen capture)

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon will not likely not be included in any future editions of Profiles in Courage after issuing a groveling apology to President Donald Trump on Sunday morning.

Only a few hours after former Bannon protege Stephen Miller tore into Bannon in a heated segment with CNN host Jake Tapper, Bannon issued a statement to Axios attempting to take back all of the comments he he made about Trump and his family -- although he left some accusations hanging.

Posters on Twitter were quick to pile on Bannon, with longtime conservative commentator Bill Kristol writing, "I’m old enough to remember when Steve Bannon—whatever else one thought of him—didn’t seem to be an obsequious toady."

That was one of the nicer things said about the Breitbart head.

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