'There is a special place in hell for him': Hawaii state rep blisters Scaramucci after latest Trump defense
MSNBC's Katy Tur, Matthew LoPresti -- MSNBC screenshot

Appearing with MSNBC's Katy Tur, an emotional member of the Hawaii state legislature ripped into former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci for coming on before him to defend every single thing President Donald Trump does.

Following an interview where Tur forced Scaramucci to sit quietly as she read off a list of  Trump's racist comments, state lawmaker Matthew LoPresti weighed in on the horror residents of Hawaii felt on Saturday when a civil defense employee mistakenly send out an alert that missiles were headed toward the islands.

"Talk to me about what it was like during those 38 minutes," host Tur asked the member of Hawaii's Public Safety Committee. "You told our producers, you took your family and hid in a bathtub?"

"Yeah, it was a completely surreal experience," LoPresti replied. "You know, we've always been prepared for natural disasters. When we got the alerts, my wife and I gathered our children and went to the innermost room in our house and we put them in the bathtub, because we don't have basements out here. We put them in here, told them to say their prayers, as far as we knew there was an imminent strike happening."

Adding his committee is going to look into what happened, LoPresti said the first he heard that it was a false alarm came from his sister-in-law who is a cyber-security expert.

LoPresti then turned his ire on Trump defender Scaramucci who preceded him on the broadcast.

"I'd like to talk about what the president said, saying he wanted to offer this support," LoPresti began. "You know, we're in this situation in part because of his inflammatory rhetoric. You had Scaramucci talking about style and content. His [Trump's] style is married to his content. It's disdain and his content is offensive."

"If he knew remotely about diplomacy, people would not be so frightened," the Hawaii lawmaker continued. "But because of the style of leadership that we have, we have to plan for these things. and we lack the resources to have the proper experts in charge to put these systems in place. And now, we end up in this kind of situation."

"Now, I'm not saying that this false alarm is his [Trump's] fault. But the fact is, his rhetoric, his fire and fury, has put the entire nation, if not the world in a tizzy. And now we're in this situation where the least bit of false alarm makes people hide their doubts and their kids and saying their prayers," he stated as he grew emotional.

'Is anyone able to dial this back in the administration?" Tur asked.

"Obviously, there's a special place in hell for people like Scaramucci who go on TV and make it their life's work to apologize for this man rather than to speak directly and say you need to think more clearly and have a rational approach to the world we live in because you're putting people in life and my children's lives in danger," LoPresti bluntly stated.

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