All of Sean Spicer's Harvard talks were 'off the record' -- and students say he still told absurd lies
White House press secretary Sean Spicer (Screenshot)

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer this fall was given a fellowship at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government -- but so far reviews of his lectures have been anything but stellar.

In an editorial written in the Harvard Crimson, Kennedy School of Government student Daniel Drabik explains that all of Spicer's lectures so far have been "off the record," which means that student's couldn't record him or talk publicly about things he told them.

"In total, 11 events over three days, all off the record, none open to the general student body or public," Drabik writes. "Not a single word Sean Spicer spoke during his Visiting Fellowship at Harvard was on the record, nor could a single word could be heard without an explicit invite."

Drabik also says that this insistence on being "off the record" didn't result in any greater candor on Spicer's part, as he still told his students the same kind of absurd lies and falsehoods that were a staple of his tenure as Trump's press secretary.

"I was in a classroom session with Spicer and he told the same stories, including several easily refutable lies, that he’s told publicly since leaving the White House," Drabik writes. "The classroom session followed the same playbook as his Press Secretary tenure: Dodge hard questions, make a few false statements, attack the media, claim that Trump is treated unfairly, etc."

In conclusion, Drabik says that Harvard did its students no favors by bringing Spicer aboard, as the university seemed to go out of its way to shield him from scrutiny.

"All of us should push the School to not allow this level of secrecy for a Fellow again," he writes.