'What the f*ck are you guys doing?': Larry Wilmore shreds CNN and Fox for obsessing over each other and not reporting the news
Larry Wilmore -- HBO Real Time screenshot

During the Overtime panel on HBO's Real Time, former Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore attacked the "agenda-driven" news coverage of CNN and Fox News, saying the two cable news networks are more obsessed with each other than actually reporting the news.

Speaking with host Bill Maher, Wilmore said that media criticism should be left to shows like Real Time and formats like Jon Stewart's old Daily Show and the news programs should report what is actually happening.

"There's agendas that happen on newscasts now," Wilmore explained. "They're not presenting news they're present agendas. CNN? Everything is 'breaking news,' except actual news. I mean it's insane."

"I mean now they're in the business of media criticisms themselves," he continued. "You know, where CNN will criticize Fox and Fox will criticize CNN.  I mean, what the the f*ck are you guys doing for Christ's sakes? You're not the news!"

"They're making themselves the news," Wilmore added before stating the Maher and Stewart were the cable hosts were that people could turn to if they wanted to cut through the chatter.

You can watch the video below via HBO: