CSPAN caller reads stunned Sebastian Gorka the riot act for defending ‘white supremacist, right-wing traitor’ Trump
Sebastian Gorka on CSPAN -- screenshot

An appearance on C-SPAN didn't go very well for former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka on Sunday morning after he was told to keep quiet as a caller launched to a full-throated denunciation of President Donald Trump as a "white supremacist" and a "traitor."

Following a discussion on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump White House, a C-SPAN caller was patched in from Michigan who first warned Gorka not to interrupt him.

"First of all, I would like to try and establish ground rules," the caller -- identified as Henry -- began. "I would like to be allowed to make my comment without interruption by Sebastian because these clever right-wingers have a way of interrupting you and if I am interrupted, i would like to be able to rebut and not be cut off."

As a stunned Gorka looked on, Henry continued.

"First, I would like to say that the elections in 2018 is perhaps the most consequential in our history because we have to stop and impending dictatorship by this white supremacist, right-wing traitor," he lectured. "And Donald Trump, make no mistake, is a traitor, along with everyone in his orbit."

"We have to look at this relationship with the Russians. Donald trump is owned by the Russian oligarchs because they funded him when U.S. banks wouldn't," Henry claimed. "They have compromising information on him. So 2018 will be a very consequential election."

A subdued Gorka chose to not address the claims about Russian involvement in the Trump campaign, saying, "I am saddened by the people who live in an alternate universe who use words like dictatorship, white supremacist and traitor -- that is inflammatory as well as dangerous language."

"As a person who has worked for the president, he does not have a racist bone in his body," Gorka asserted. "The one thing that came through to me most clearly working for him is he does not care whether you voted for Hillary or Bernie, he does not care if you did not voted or stayed at home. He wants two things for you: he wants you to be safe, and for you and your family to prosper. That is who President Trump is."

Watch the video below via CSPAN: