'He's sinking into irrelevance': CNN's Phil Mudd claims Trump's weekend Twitter meltdown proves he has lost control
CNN's Phil Mudd (Screengrab)

Speaking with CNN host Wolf Blitzer, former CIA official Phil Mudd said President Donald Trump's Twitter meltdown over the weekend shows he lost control of his own administration that is getting nothing done and he is "sinking onto into irrelevance."

Breaking his silence on the aftermath of the Parkland  school shooting before attacking the FBI for letting it happen, Trump set off a firestorm of criticism for making the shooting all about himself, attacking former President Barack Obama and, bizarrely challenging Oprah Winfrey to run against him in 2020.

According to Mudd, Trump's manic tweeting is sign of his decline.

It began with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin,explaining, "The president doesn't operate by the rules of American politics. I mean, the idea that he is just continuing to attack law enforcement, attack the FBI when they are trying to solve the problems, some of which he created with his campaign, it's just astonishing, and you know, attacking Oprah Winfrey, I mean, it is something that presidents have never done before and perhaps they'll never do again."

"He is sinking into irrelevance," Mudd chipped in. "I am going to give you proof of that in a moment. He says things that don't correspond to reality. For example, his characterization of the indictment. Now people say after 13 months of this, we don't pay attention. This week the Pentagon will issue a report on how it is going to take steps forward on the president's tweets about transgenders in the military."

"I will lay my personal money on the table, a thousand bucks, my money to the charity of your choice if what the Pentagon says in terms of instituting policy on transgenders looks anything like the president tweeted," he continued. "Let's lay it on the table: I think what the president tweeted is irrelevant and the Pentagon will say something fundamentally different. And that will happen in two or three days."

He then ridiculed some of Trump's other utterances.

"'We're going to tear up the Iran nuclear deal,' no, we're not," he smirked. "'Discussions with North Korea are irrelevant,' no they're not. 'We are going to distance ourselves from NATO,' no, we're not. 'Going to build a wall,' no we're not.'"

"Every time the guy talks, you say put you money where you mouth is, because it doesn't happen," he concluded.

Watch the video below via CNN: