'Unthinkable': Fox's Shep Smith blasts right-wing conspiracy theorists for 'baseless' attacks on Parkland shooting survivors
Fox News host Shep Smith. Image via screengrab.

Fox News host Shep Smith on Wednesday condemned right-wing conspiracy theorists for "peddling lies" that Parkland, Florida school shooting survivors are "crisis actors."

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are "dealing with the hate and the baseless accusations on top of the harrowing ordeal they've already been through" as their calls for gun control attract right-wing attacks claiming they are "political pawns" and not actual survivors of the mass shooting. 

"It is unthinkable what's happening to them now," Smith continued.

The theory traumatized individuals calling for gun control are actually liberal actors gained traction after the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting in 2012 after InfoWars host Alex Jones regularly promoted the falsehood.

Among those who appear to ascribe to the Parkland crisis actor conspiracy theory is the president's son Donald Trump, Jr., who yesterday liked two tweets claiming that Stoneman Douglas student activist David Hogg is an "FBI plant."

Watch Smith's strong words for right-wing theorists below, via Fox News: