WATCH: Ex-evangelist rips Christians who have 'failed their faith' by defending sex abusers in Trump White House
Franklin Schaeffer on MSNBC

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, former Christian evangelist Frank Schaeffer jumped on the controversy over two White House staffers who have been dismissed over domestic assault accusations, saying evangelicals who continue to defend President Donald Trump and his administration have failed as Christians.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, the son of a famous Christian leader -- who has become a major critic of the political turn Christians have taken in allying themselves with the Republican Party -- said the latest revelations should be a "test" for Christians.

"We saw Donald Trump's defense of Roy Moore. Steve Wynn who has been multiply accused of abuse and sexual harassment, 'we have to give him a chance,'" Reid began by quoting the president. "What do you make that he's doubling down on his support for former aide Rob Porter?"

"You know, it's weird this happens in the very week that he was at a prayer breakfast with a bunch of evangelicals," Schaeffer replied. "Since Trump has never admitted that he is a serial abuser of women -- who, by the way, could not get a security clearance from the FBI if he was hired as a dishwasher in the White House because of his public proclamations and bragging on abuse and brutality toward women."

"Of course, he's going to double down because if he doesn't he's pointing the finger right at himself and since he is unwilling to repent, he's unwilling to tell the truth and he is surrounded by sycophant lick-spittle Republicans from Sarah Huckabee on down who have made a profession of defending the indefensible," he continued. "If there are people in the White House defending those who abused women in a serial molestation, that's where we are at. That's who the president is."

"I want to point something out," he remarked. "Speaking as someone who knows something about Christianity, if you take the God of the Bible seriously, if God had wanted to send a test to American evangelicals -- especially the white evangelical supporters of Trump which would test their faithfulness -- nothing could have shown them up to have failed more than this lust for power that goes along with anything."

"Trump the molester and the person who attacks our security agencies and the U.S. Marines -- that doesn't sit well with me," he lectured. "It's like something out of the Old Testament where the people of God have been tested to see whether they will bow down before something that is false like the golden calf -- and they have failed."

"Make no mistake about the solid bedrock supporters of molesters, of pedophiles -- these sorts of folks have switched sides and they are no longer representing anything that could be called moral by the traditions of any religion," he warned. "In terms of a Bible prophecy-type story, these folks are now on the side of everyone that ever stood against justice and for evil. And that's where we're at."

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