CNN panel of Trump voters goes off the rails after woman calls AR-15s ‘fabulous bad-ass’ weapons
Carrie Lightfoot on CNN -- screenshot

A CNN panel made of Trump voters who own guns went off the rails Thursday morning when one woman dismissed everyone's serious concerns about mass shootings by claiming AR-15 assault rifles are 'fabulous for women" and look "bad-ass."

During the Alisyn Camerota-moderated panel of Trump voters who own weapons, two of the six invited said they would have no problem getting behind a complete ban on assault rifles.

According to gun owner, Jacob Engels, change is coming for gun laws because the U.S. has reached a tipping point which the teen survivors from Parkland Florida are using to their advantage.

"This time because the children from the school are so front and center and so active that it just gave a little bit of a different feeling," Engels admitted. "Especially because they're the next generation and they're speaking up -- not that I agree with what they're pushing. I think the use of social media and the snowball effect from what they've been able to do in this past week is entirely different from any of the previous incidents."

Turning to the topic of AR-15s, panelist Carrie Lightfoot stirred things up with her full-throated praise of the assault weapon as being "fabulous for women."

"I think we're having a really hard time focusing in on what the real issues are," Lightfoot explained. "We all want this to stop and we all want a fix, but the fix isn't banning guns -- the fix is much deeper than that."

Scott Pappalardo jumped in to say," I think there needs to be limitations. An AR-15 should not be used as a home protection weapon."

"Do you know what a fabulous gun that is for women?" Lightfoot challenged.

"It is a fabulous gun, so is a shotgun," Pappalardo shot back.

"But it's much harder to handle," Lightfoot protested as everyone began talking over each other.

Later during a discussion on whether AR-15's are suitable as a sporting gun, Lightfoot defended them once again, saying the weapon was being maligned as a weapon of war.

"That line that it is for military use," she scoffed. "AnAR-15 is not a military rifle. It is a regular, semi-automatic rifle that just looks bad ass -- that's what it is."

Watch the video below via CNN: