Furious mother of Great Mills High School student demands action to keep her son's school safe
Furious mother of Great Mills High School student (Photo: Screen capture)

It has become every parents' nightmare: their child stuck in a mass shooting at their school. When WJLA met one mother outside of Great Mills High School in St. Mary's County, Maryland, she didn't seem to know she was to pick up her son at another school 15 miles away. She wanted her son then and there.

"I'm sitting here because I don't want to go there," she said. "I want my son out of that school. I'm waiting for them to release my son. They're telling us to go to some school. I just can't go there."

She was furious that the school doesn't have metal detectors and backpacks aren't searched when students enter the building, and she thinks they should be. "How did this gentleman get in the school with this gun?" she asked.

Great Mills has one officer on duty at all times and several armed guards that protect 1600 students.

The terrified mother said that her son told her "he heard gunshots and took off running." He also told a teacher "that someone must have been shot." She said that she's just thankful it wasn't her child. "Bullets have no names," she said about most mass shooters being indiscriminate about their victims.

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