A historian explains why Trump and his supporters might think yesterday's news was good
Jon Meacham (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough struggled to make sense of Wednesday's "firehose of news" spraying from the White House, but one of his guests argued that President Donald Trump may believe he won the day.

Historian Jon Meacham said Thursday on "Morning Joe" that the former "Apprentice" host viewed each day his "reality TV presidency" as a single episode to get through and win.

"I think you might have to go back to what the philosopher Thomas Hobbs called the state of nature, sort of the pre-government world where the president wanted -- it was in the New York Times that he told his aides in the transition to think of every presidential day as an episode of a TV show in which he vanquishes his rivals," Meacham said. "He's driven entirely by conflict and entirely by narrative, so yesterday actually is a perfect example of Trump's vision, insofar as it is his vision, of the production of the presidency. Because I think he thinks of it as a production, so the theme here, as Hobbes would say, is the war of all against all."

He said the cascade of reports on investigations, resignations, feuds and corruption probably wouldn't even trouble many Trump supporters.

"Some people wanted the WWF in the White House -- and now they have it," Meacham said.