Mike Huckabee goes on Fox News to cry bitter tears over getting booted from country music board
Mike Huckabee (Fox News)

Mike Huckabee was quickly removed from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation last week over his anti-LGBT views -- and Monday morning he went on Fox News to complain.

The former Arkansas governor and twice-failed Republican presidential candidate's appointment was rescinded under criticism by multiple country music executives and performers, who called Huckabee's appointment "grossly offensive."

Huckabee, a former Fox News commentator, told "Fox & Friends" that he had been unfairly treated.

"The new direction of the left is in the name of tolerance be intolerant," Huckabee said. "In the name of love, hate people. In the name of diversity, demand conformity."

Huckabee essentially argued that he had a civil right to sit on that board of directors.

"It's not enough to say I disagree and wish this person would change his mind.," he said. "Today it's let's put him out of business, let's close his store. Let's not allow him to continue to operate a business, let's damage him professionally, let's hurt his brand. I mean, it's all about destroying the other side, rather than disagreeing with the other side. That's not the kind of America where the First Amendment reigns and people are free to speak, to associate. Today it's let's destroy everyone who doesn't agree with me."