'There are no adults left in the room': CNN security expert rips 'insanity' of Trump dumping McMaster for Bolton
Juliette Kayyem -- CNNscreenshot

During a panel discussion with Erin Burnett, CNN national security analyst Julia Kayyem warned that President Donald Trump threw his administration into even greater chaos by ousting National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and replacing him with noted warmonger John Bolton.

Speaking with the host  while on a panel that seemed stunned by the abrupt announcement by the president on Twitter, Kayyem said their the absence of the respected three star general means there will be no "more adults in the room" when Trump is advised on international security policy.

"We knew McMaster was a dead man walking," Burnett proposed. "This was a major shake-up at national security adviser and this is a huge change."

"It is a huge change," Kayyem explained. "And not just for the White House, but obviously for all the agencies in the national and Homeland Security space who look to McMaster's office as a semblance of sanity in the insanity."

"This comes the same week that the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson left, so you have unease there," she elaborated. "You have a shift from the CIA head over to the State Department, you've got lots of moving pieces with agencies that don't like chaos, for obvious reasons. They like order because their job is to maintain order."

"So my quick takeaways from this is if this president wants chaos, he will get chaos -- that's what this president wants," she continued. "There is no more adults in the room and no one going to control the process. This is what the president wants, and we will see."

As for Bolton, Kayyem added, "This is someone who has no internal checks. This is a man who sees war and military effort as the only solution to a very complicated world. So if I sound a little bit more exercised than I normally do, that is because, for John Bolton, he is the hammer and everything is a nail."

You can watch the video below via CNN: