According to Slate reporter Jacob Weisberg, who interviewed Stormy Daniels prior to the election about the alleged relationship she had with President Donald Trump, she is to be believed.

"She led me to believe that what she was telling me -- she was holding back the kind of crown jewels," he explained about their interview. "That she had details and specifics that would make the story more salacious and more interesting. She did share evidence. She said, while I have the personal phone -- cell phone number of Keith Schiller, Trump's bodyguard, this is how I was supposed to get in touch with him. She had a lot of corroborating details. She wasn't holding back on that."

She did not, however, mention that she had photos or videos at the time.

"But, I would say this," he continued. "In the question of should we believe that what she's saying or is going to say is likely to be true? I think her credibility is very good."

He said that he talked to her in the fall after she'd spoken to In-Touch magazine more than five years prior. The details from that transcript match up with what she told Weisberg.

"I think she's been totally consistent since then. So, if you have to ask who should we believe, probably the porn star or the president, the porn star has a lot of credibility. The president lies all the time. He admitted lying this week about something different, about trade with Canada but one of them has credibility and it's not Donald Trump and it's not Michael Cohen."

Watch the full interview below: