'Stay away from old man Trump's house!': Colbert runs through all the ghosts in the soon-to-be-haunted White House
"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert appears alongside images of the many actual and rumored resignees of the Trump White House. Image via screengrab.

With the exit of President Donald Trump's senior economic adviser Gary CohnThe Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted that soon, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may become a haunted house.

Given the week they've had, "no one in the world is looking forward to this weekend more than the people in the White House," the host noted on Friday night.

"Assuming anyone still works there," he joked, "because they're having some trouble hanging on to staff."

Cohn, who announced his resignation after reportedly losing his battle to bar the president from imposing steel and aluminum tariffs, "is the latest in a mass exodus of White House staff."

Detailing the recent resignations — from Hope Hicks to her boyfriend and alleged domestic abuser Rob Porter and even Omarosa Manigault-Newman among numerous others — the host's screen became crowded with photos of them all, causing him to "squeeze" in between Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump who are both rumored to be on their way out.

"We're two departures from the White House turning into that creepy abandoned house in the neighborhood," Colbert joked, mimicking a panicked voice telling children to "stay away from old man Trump's house!"

"They say, if your baseball lands in his yard," he stage-whispered, "he'll come out and make you his chief economic adviser!"

Watch below: