Trump dating website invites Don Jr. to join after news spreads of impending divorce
Donald Trump Jr. (Screenshot/CNN), the pro-Trump dating website that has featured a photo of a convicted child sex criminal on its front page, has invited Donald Trump Jr. to join in the wake of news about his impending divorce.

As noted by Business Insider reporter Allan Smith, on Monday sent out a mass email formally extending an invitation to Trump Jr. as a way to rebound from his failed marriage.

"While the echo chambers of the left celebrate this setback in your life, wants to lend you a helping hand," the site said. "On our site, you'll be able to find a woman who's genuine, down-toearth (sic), and shares a great deal of your political convictions and social interests."

The site also informs Trump Jr. that he will not be subjected to any liberal women if he joins, as "we've built a virtual wall and only those in alignment with the president's 'America First' ideals are welcome."

Read the full invitation below.