Trump vows to reverse 30 years of history to restore manufacturing economy in manic tweet
HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 15, 2016: President-Elect Donald Trump speaks of his relief to have won the state of Texas on Election night during his speech at the "Thank You Tour" rally at the Giant Center (Shutterstock).

President Donald Trump promised to rebuild the manufacturing economy that has withered in the United States since the 1980s.

The president tweeted Wednesday morning that he would "make America great again" by reversing that decline, which he said started under former President George H.W. Bush.

"From Bush 1 to present, our Country has lost more than 55,000 factories, 6,000,000 manufacturing jobs and accumulated Trade Deficits of more than 12 Trillion Dollars," Trump tweeted. "Last year we had a Trade Deficit of almost 800 Billion Dollars. Bad Policies & Leadership. Must WIN again! #MAGA"