The View's Sunny Hostin calls BS on Melania Trump's cyber bullying campaign: 'She can't control it in her own home'
Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain (Photo: Screen capture)

First Lady Melania Trump officially launched her campaign against cyber bullying this week, and the co-hosts of "The View" were torn on whether she's the best spokesperson for that kind of message.

"I don't think the irony is lost on her," argued Sara Haines. "I think she's using her voice specifically for that cause for a reason. If it were my husband, you can't trash him on a show and say, 'You're right, he's such a jerk,' and then go home."

Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin disagreed.

"I don't think she's the right messenger for cyber bullying because she can't seem to control it in her own home," she said.

"Can you control your husband?" Haines replied.

"Yes. Yes I can," Hostin shot back. "She's the wrong messenger for cyber bullying, but she's the wrong messenger for everything almost because of his behavior. She can't be involved in the #MeToo movement. She can't be involved in 'let's get fit' because the man ain't fit. There are all these things she can't be involved."

Joy Behar noted immigration is another. As an immigrant Mrs. Trump could speak out for those fearful of speaking for themselves, but with her husband attacking immigrants it puts her in another difficult position.

"He has, I think, ruined the Republican Party, in the sense that the Republican Party was always the party of family values," Hostin continued. "And they talked about the sanctity of marriage. They talked about being faith based. And that was an attractive message to me for many, many years. But now with Stormy [Daniels] and all this stuff and the cyber bullying, this is no longer the Republican Party of family values and I think that's why people should care about Stormy. That's why people should care about all these accusers."

Meghan McCain argued that the GOP is still the party of family values because so many other members of the party support family values. However, she neglected to address whether those members of the GOP accepting someone like Donald Trump and attempting to label him as a moral Christian leader and the "evangelical president" calls their credibility into question as well.

McCain also noted that she does not speak for her husband and her husband doesn't speak for her. The two have their own professional profiles and she refuses to be held responsible for what he says and does.

Hostin wondered why then former Sec. Hillary Clinton is responsible for her husband's behavior.

McCain tried to claim it was because the former first lady was involved in her husband's campaign. It's typical for most wives to be involved in campaigns, as most politicians are expected to share their family with the country. Hostin argued that Melania Trump, who also defended her husband against his accusers, is only the first lady and only has a platform due to her husband being the president. Thus, she too became a public official.

"I just want people to cut her some slack because she's probably having a really rough time right now," McCain said. However, when the same moment came for Hillary Clinton, the GOP didn't cut her any slack.

Watch the full conversation below: