WATCH: Sam Nunberg drops a bomb on Roger Stone: 'I warned him repeatedly' about Assange
Former aide to President Donald Trump, Sam Nunberg (Photo: Screen capture)

During a Wednesday interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, former aide to President Donald Trump Sam Nunberg refuted Roger Stone's claim that his meeting with Julian Assange of Wikileaks was nothing more than "a joke."

Nunberg explained that he knows that he did nothing wrong and that the only way he could be in trouble is if he lies. So, he told Camerota that he hadn't heard from Stone for a few weeks. When he called to check in, Stone explained, "Oh, I was with Julian Assange. I met with Julian Assange."

He also noted that he knew there would probably be an investigation if the Democrats won the election, but the fact that Trump won and there is still an investigation, he called "a real accomplishment."

"I warned Roger repeatedly during the 2016 summer, 'do not associate yourself with Julian Assange," he claimed. "For two reasons: one, at that point it seemed pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton was going to win and there was surely going to be a special counsel into these matters. If there was a Democratic majority in either body of Congress, then he was going to be called. Little did i know that Donald Trump would be elected and we still have a special counsel."

But when it came to Stone's meeting, Nunberg wouldn't say what he thought Stone meant by the claim he met with Assange.

"I don't want to get into the specifics, but the e-mails Roger told me were coming out ... Roger told me the e-mails were going to be about the Clinton Foundation. I asked Roger if Assange had any new information about Benghazi. Now, look at the e-mails Assange released. They had nothing to do with Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation," he said.

Camerota pressed Nunberg on that, citing Stone's own tweets mentioning campaign chair John Podesta. Nunberg said that they had information about Podesta's brother and Stone was about to write a story in the Daily Caller about it and that's what he was referring to. It was a coincidence that Wikileaks, who Stone said he'd been talking to, released the Podesta emails shortly after.

Nunberg said that the prosecutors should only consider financial things from the moment Trump went down the escalator and announced his presidency, not the things leading up to his decision to run or any previous dealings with Russia.

He complimented special counsel Robert Mueller's team as professional and urged Trump to sit down with them if he really intends to move the investigation along in a faster way.

He went on to discount Trump's claim that the investigation is a so-called "witch hunt."

"When I was first called by the FBI agent, the Tuesday after the (Michael) Wolf book came out: I was actually frankly rude to him," he confessed. "I hadn't looked into it that much. I stayed away from it. As I have to do, one as a lawyer and one in general in New York, I look at what the other side is saying. There was a book called 'Collusion' by Luke Hardy, and things like that. Donald Trump, had he just fired (former FBI Director James) Comey and sticked to the (Deputy Attorney General Rod) Rosenstein rational in that memo, I think he could have even gotten away with the Lester Holt interview, but then he has the Russians in the Oval Office? And doesn't allow American photographers in? There's something going on there."

Watch his full take below: