Whistleblower says pro-Brexit team working with Cambridge Analytica cheated and then destroyed evidence
Shahmir Sanni, a whistleblower, says he still supports the U.K. leaving the E.U., but that the campaign he worked on cheated/Screenshot

A social media strategist who worked on the Brexit campaign has come forward with explosive new allegations about the "Vote Leave" campaign cheating and then destroying evidence, the Guardian reports.

Shahmir Sanni is still a "skeptic" of the European Union, and says he would still vote to leave the European Union.

However, he has stepped forward to say that an illegal donation equivalent to $880,000 was funneled to a data firm tied to Cambridge Analytica. The nation's electoral rules prohibited coordination between different campaign organizations.

"It also made be scared for the rest of the world," he said. "If Britain, the beacon of democracy, can be cheated like that, its people be lied to like that, and then the government proceed to do things based on what was entirely a scam."

Sanni helped the campaigns illegally coordinate, he says, and then watched as senior officials hid evidence.

He said that a shared Google Drive was used by Victoria Woodcock, operations director for Vote Leave, who removed herself and other senior officials from the Google Drive to hide the coordination.

You can read the full report from the Guardian here.